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Meet Asal


Certified Personal Coach And Athlete

Asal is a world class athlete  who has devoted her life to helping people the see real truth about what’s possible. She believes with the right inspiration combined with the right strategy, you can and will have the body of your dreams, the health of your dreams, and move in ways which you couldn’t never imagine.


For the past 10 years, Asal has studied with some of the worlds best experts in order to deliver the best possible health solutions to clients


She attended the University of Science And Research Tehran where she completed a masters in sport’s engineering and advance rehabilitation.

My Vision

Asal is here to tell you that if you simply follow her on a journey out of the maze of suboptimal lifestyle habits, out of low self-belief and self-criticism, out of procrastination and low motivation and toward strength, health, heartfelt spirit and constant growth, that you could have the body of your dreams far sooner than you think.

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